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Условия аренды


  • VAT 24%
  • Airport Fees
  • Third Party Insurance
  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) with excess
  • Unlimited Kms
  • Roadside assistance


Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W.) – Reduces the liability of the renter for damage to the car up to the amount of the excess,
  • for Car Groups A, B,E,J3. Maximum Charge 600€
  • for car groups C, C1, D, E1,E2,I,I1 maximum charge 700€
  • for car groups J,J1 maximum charge 800€
  • for car groups G,I2 maximum charge 850€
  • for car group F maximum charge 1000€
  • for car group F1,J2 maximum charge 1200€
The excess is reserved for the period of rental by a credit card which must be issued in the name of the driver and will be fully refunded after the end of the rental period, if no damage has occurred.


Full Collision Damage Waiver with No Excess (F.D.W.) The renter can be FULLY exempt from the above-mentioned C.D.W. excess amount with an affordable premium per day,
  1. for car groups A,B,C,C1,D,E,E1,E2,I,J3. daily premium cost 7,00€
  2. for car group G,J,J1,I1,I2,F. daily premium cost 9,00€
  3. for car group F1,J2. daily premium cost 12,00€
With this package No Credit Card Need. We do not need to preauthorize any amount as warranty.The Optional Insurance does not cover damage to the underside of the car and tires.

Third-Party Insurance (T.P.I.)

You are insured in the event of injury or destruction of third party property beyond the renter and the passengers.

Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance covers hospital treatment costs and, in general, all medical costs for both the driver and the occupants of the vehicle.

Car Theft Protection

You are totally relieved of financial responsibility in the event of theft of the vehicle. Your personal belongings are not covered.

Fire Insurance

Fire Insurance covers the damage caused to the rental vehicle by fire, lightning strike or explosion.

No Insurance Coverage

  • When the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • After an accident, driver doesn't stop and doesn't take the necessary actions, such as informing our company, the Traffic Police (100), getting names and addresses of those involved in the accident, and not moving the car from the point where the accident took place before the representative of the insurance company or the Traffic Police arrives.
  • When the renter uses the car for unfair and illegal purposes, for example. smuggling, theft, illegal transport of objects and goods.
  • When the driver is not declared on the Rental Agreement.
  • The driver uses the car for any kind of racing or competition.
  • Damages caused to the vehicle because of off road driving (road without asphalt, beaches, mountains etc).
  • The vehicle is used in violation of the traffic regulations (e.g. road signs, speed limits, road direction).
  • Damages and loss to the interior of car


  1. Additional Driver costs 3,00€ per day
  2. Baby/Booster Seats are available upon request with charge 3,00€ per day, per seat.


Drivers are required to present a valid passport/ID and driving license during Pickup. All drivers of vehicle should be holders of B-category driving license for 1 year at least. An international driving license or an official translation according to the requirements of the Greek law is additionally required if the driving licence is not written in Latin characters. In the event that a customer arrives at the rental desk without the necessary documentation as stated above, the booking will be cancelled. In these cases, there will be no refund.


As a form of payment and preauthorization, we accept the following credit cards: MasterCard and VISA. MasterCard and VISA debit cards and cash are only accepted for payment, not for preauthorization. Renter allows a deposit equal to the vehicle excess amount plus the estimated rental cost to be drawn from the credit card at the beginning of the rental to cover any excess/self-risk, fuel, penalties or any other unforeseen cost. Credit Cards used for preauthorization and payment must be in the driver's name.


Reservations are confirmed for a group and not a particular model unless specified otherwise. The vehicle shown on any documentation is for guidance only and may be substituted with an alternative, similar or upgraded vehicle at our discretion.


  • The minimum age allowed for a driver is 19 years with the young driver surcharge and 25 without it. The maximum age is 72.
  • Young driver aged 19-24 years old, surcharge 7,00€ per day.
  • Renter and driver must be at least 19 years old at the date of car pick up. If the driver is up to 24, is only allowed to rent a car groups A,B,C,C1,D,E,E1,E2,J3,I. For the rest of the other car groups the driver must be more than 25 years old.


One-way fee for rentals between Chania & Heraklion airports is 70€.


We are open from 08:00 to 22:00.
Out of Hours reservations will incur a cost of 20€ (VAT included).


Vehicle must be returned in the same condition as when rented. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the vehicle is thoroughly checked prior to taking custody of the vehicle. In case that the renter is not satisfied with the car, he must inform immediately the station to arrange to change it.


Please note that it may not always be possible for the rental station to extend the rental. Where the station agrees to the extension, the rental will be charged at the prevailing rate which may be higher or lower than the original booking rate. If renter wants to prolong the rental period of vehicle, he has to notify to the local office in writing at least 24 hours before the end of the period to receive the respective written approval. If he fails to do so he will have both civil and penal liability for illegal use and possession of vehicle.


For unauthorized extension of the rental, there is a penalty of 200.00 EUR above the rental charge.


In case of an accident or other incident, renter or additional driver should immediately inform Cretamotor. If there is a third party, renter must also call the police. Renter must bring the Police report to the local office if there is a damage or a missing/stolen car part. The police report should be completed and sent to local office up to 24 hours after the accident/incident.Company will replace the damaged car with a similar one depending on availability and the distance from the closest station. If the accident occurred due to customer's fault/negligence, the local office will charge immobilization charge and car replacement fee, loss of use, administration fee or/and towing and transfer of the vehicle. The above charges may exceed the corresponding CDW excess amount and are not refundable.


Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the vehicle. In case of smoking in the vehicle or in case the vehicle requires excessive cleaning either because of dirt or animal hairs, the Renter will be changed a full cleaning of the car at minimum 100€.


The renter has to return the car with the same quantity of fuel it had when collected. In case the car is returned with less fuel than the original (less than the quantity of fuel the vehicle had when collected by the customer), the customer shall be charged with the fuel difference based on the current market price. No customer refund is provided in case of the car returned with a quantity of fuel greater than that collected.


In case of cancellation, customers should give at least 72-hour prior notice.
After pick-up of the vehicle, any change or cancellation from the initial time schedule is not refunded.


In the event that a customer experiences flight delays and no flight number is provided then the availability of the vehicle is not guaranteed after the grace period and the rental station may close without notice. Reservations from 08:00 until 22:00 will be held for 2 hours from the specified reservation time after which they will be classified as a No-Show. If a client arrives after this time then a vehicle is not assured. We will do everything possible to provide a vehicle. This may include offering a different vehicle and rates may be different to the original booking. Grace period for late or early bookings (22:01 until 07:59) is 1 hour.
If no flight number is provided then the reservation will be held for 2 hours or until the office closes. Staff will not wait after closing time where no flight number is provided.


One days rental considered from 08:00 p.m. until 20:00 a.m. Failure to return the vehicle without prior notice to the company will result in termination of the contract and insurance. Vehicles must be returned at the exact time outlined in the present contract. In case of a delayed return, the customer will incur a 10€ for every delayed hour up to and including 3 hours from the time of return. After the 3 hours, the customer will incur a charge of a full days’ rental.


Transporting and driving the vehicles outside the island of Crete is not allowed.


In case of lost car keys Renter will be charged 250.00 EUR


The Renter is fully responsible for all traffic and parking fines obtained during the rental and any other breach of law and its consequences.
If the fines described in paragraph (1) above are paid by company , the Renter will be charged the full amount of the penalty, plus a handling fee.

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