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The terms and conditions in conjuction with the terms rental of the website, privacy policy and security policy are in agreement with you and the rent of the services we provide, as car rental company.The terms apply to all contracts for the provision of your services with the exclusion of any other terms and conditions.These terms apply to any booking you renounce to us or through our website where you will need to make sure that you know their content.


Confirming that you want to make a reservation through our website indicates that you have read and accepted the terms.If there is any part you are a tenant you do not understand or if you have any questions about,with any other product please contact us at (+30)28970-33039 or at info@cretamotor.gr.


If you wish to rent a vehicle from our website at the price you are viewing at the moment your request will be accepted within 48 hours after the submission of your order.We will reply to you via our e-mail and we will send your electronic proof once your request has been confirmed.Otherwise you may send us your details by contacting us and we will contact you by way you choose (e-mail,telephone,facebook,viber,what’s app).



The costumer must ensure that he has a valid driving license (+3 years).

Cretamotor is not responsible for the ones under the influence of alcohol,drugs,of road driving or any misusage to the rehire is the responsibility of the costumer to call the police as well as Cretamotor.

The driver is not allowed to carry more passengers that the vehicle’s license.The tenant will accept the full liability in respect of these claims.

What is including the prices?

Prices including unlimited klm (in the island),full insurance ,local taxes and airport taxes,free receiring and delivery,helmets,baby seats and maps.


What is not including the prices?

Petrol(as much as in the tank return the same) ,without any notice to the company from before.Any traffic lines and breaks to traffic law must be paid by the costumers plus the extra taxes for the new drivers,whenever exists.


 Please read the specific conditions and terms.



Collision Damage Waiver reduces the responsible tenant from the total cost of the damage at a liability unless the damage is caused under the influence of alcohol or drugs.Also does not cover misusage eg (by driving into a wall off  road driving or give the vehicle to any other not  undersigned driver,or retirement the car or bike.CDW does not also cover damage to locks and keys of the rehircle.The costumer pays for replacing. We suggest that our local supplier be present at the time of receipt for any exceptions.



Reduces the responsibility to the amount of the excess in the event of theft or attempted theft or fire damage. Negligence that you associate with theft or fire may cause the company to demand  the full amount of vehicles value.


PAI (Personal Accident Insurance)

In the event of personal injury covers part of the damage unless traffic code has been violated ,and complies with the general conditions of Cretamotor.


Tires /underneath insurance

Covers damages to the wheels and underside of the car and does not cover wrong operation of the driver or off road driving.


Glasses/mirrors insurance

Covers crushing of crystals and mirrors from natural disasters unless they are caused by neglect.


Advances and deductions

In order to complete the booking you will have to deposit as an advance of 30 % of the final price and the rest upon your arrival.


Payment methods at the delivery

Payment can be made via credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) or by Bank deposit on behalf of the Company.
If desired payment is a bank transfer, you can ask CRETAMOTOR to inform you about the account number (IBAN) of the company. 

Daily rental considered : 09:00 am till 20:00 pm

TION POLICY:From 30 days up to the date the rent deposit is not refunded.


All transactions occurring in cretamotor.gr are implemented via AlphaBank’s secure environment. cretamotor.gr does not store credit card information in its database.
Every time a clients proceeds to payment, he/she is automatically redirected to AlphaBank’s secure environment. Once the payment process is completed, he/she is automatically redirected back to cretamotor.gr, depending on the payment’s outcome.
AlphaBank payment processes are conducted based on a totally secure environment which makes use of data encryption and cryptography via SSL (Secure Socket Layers).
For more information regarding AlphaBank, please click here.
Jean Pierre Tuilliez - France Testimonial from: Services Evaluation Form

“Always happy with this rental company, no surprises, they have good cars and competitive prices. I book online and always get great deals. This has been my experience with them for at least 4yrs.”

Loan Nguyen - UK Testimonial from: Services Evaluation Form

“Great experience! Clean and new car. Prompt, friendly, and helpful! Will definitely use again since rates were lower.”

Evgeniya - Russia Testimonial from: Services Evaluation Form

“Были в Малии в 2014 году. Отличное обслуживание. Заинтересованный в комфорте клиентов, отзывчивый персонал. Дима и Марина встречают каждого клиента с радушием, с удовольствием дали нам полную консультацию не только по машине, но также по маршруту, показали интересные места Крита, которые мы с успехом исследовали. Общаясь на русском языке, получили ответы на все наши вопросы)). Самые положительные впечатления! Обязательно воспользуемся услугами еще)))”

tego - uk Testimonial from: Services Evaluation Form

“the best ”

Kylie - england Testimonial from: Services Evaluation Form

“The car was very good condition, clean and in a terrible price! Stay too happy!”

James - england Testimonial from: Services Evaluation Form

“It was really very good car!Nice stuff & company!The more important,special price with 100% insurance!”

Vladimir75 - russia Testimonial from: Services Evaluation Form

“Цены договорные и доступные, обслуживание на русском языке!!!! Машины очень хорошего качества. ”

JAMES - UNITED KINGDOM Testimonial from: Services Evaluation Form

“Very good car and low price!!!I'm glad!”

Alex - england Testimonial from: Services Evaluation Form

“The best rent company!”

julia83 -  Testimonial from: Services Evaluation Form

“The car was very clean,comfortable and brand new. THANK YOU”

pablo -  Testimonial from: Services Evaluation Form

“I was looking in internet but this company have the best prices.Ι'm satisfied ”

Gussepe - italy Testimonial from: Services Evaluation Form

“They was in the airport tha right time!We didn't wait for the car.That's very important!Thanks.”

Monika - england Testimonial from: Services Evaluation Form

“Good price with 100 % insurance!”

Дмитрий - Россия Testimonial from: Services Evaluation Form

“Марина и Дмитрий! Спасибо Вам большое! Самое главное, машины чистые и технически полностью исправные. За 2 дня путешествий по острову нареканий у нас не возникло (брали VW UP!). Спасибо за теплый прием и душевное общение!”

Arvydas - Lithuania Testimonial from: Services Evaluation Form

“Amazing staff ant service!!!”

Lew  - England Testimonial from: Services Evaluation Form

“Lida was amazing and helped us out all week. Such amazing service and a welcoming personality. Will definitely go to her when back in Malia!”

Анна - Russia Testimonial from: Services Evaluation Form

“Хочу выразить огромную благодарность Диме и Марине за их человечность и помощь в трудную минуту!! Мы арендовали машину 20.08.17.в компании Avis, ,на следующий день доехали до Малии, пошли купаться на пару часов, вернулись и.. не смогли завести машину. Пытались звонить в службу тех поддержки, но как выяснилось, у них перерыв с 12.30 до 17.00. Пошли искать помощь извне. Наткнулись на прокат машин, как раз Дмитрий был на месте. Он вежливо и участливо выслушал нас, нашёл их сайт, но так как раз мы попали в перерыв оставалось ждать 17 часов. Что ж, ещё 2 заплыва))) пытались звонить сами, но дозвониться не смогли. Пришлось опять вернуться к Диме. На месте была очаровательная Марина, которая ооочень старалась нам помочь, звонила в Avis,мы ждали помощь от них более часа - никто так и не приехал. Марина позвонила в Афины (!!!!), на что ей ответили, что никто помочь нам не может, потому что специалистов нет свободных. В общем, нас спас Дима, который приехал, запитал чуть наш непонятно по каким причинам севший аккумулятор. Если бы не Дима и Марина, пришлось бы нам ночевать в Малии))) от меня с братом хотим выразить огромную признательность и благодарность за помощь, процветания вашему делу! Будем вас рекомендовать друзьям!! ”

Ιωάννης -  Testimonial from: Services Evaluation Form

“Πάρα πολύ καλή εξυπηρέτηση και άψογη συμπεριφορά όταν τους χρειάστηκα”

Hamid Mararakesh - Norge Testimonial from: Services Evaluation Form

“good service lady renting cars is very service i recommend if anyone wants rent car or motorcycle”

Babis Siamidis - Ελλάδα Testimonial from: Services Evaluation Form

“Αψογη εξυπηρετηση...συνεπεια στην παραδοση του δικυκλου...αψογη κατασταση του δικυκλου....Ευγενεστατη συμπεριφορα.”

Harry Hris - Germany Testimonial from: Services Evaluation Form

“Best Service with great Cars. Friendly People. ”

Julia MIchels - England Testimonial from: Services Evaluation Form

“The Cabrio was excellent ! Wow. Super service ”

Peter Schmid - Germany Testimonial from: Services Evaluation Form

“Top Wagen zum besten Preis !! Nette Leute. Bin sehr zufrieden. Kann nur weiterempfehlen.”

Νικος Οικονομου - Greece Testimonial from: Services Evaluation Form

“Γυρισαμε την Κρητη ολη με το Cabrio. Απροβληματιστο αμαξι. Μοναδικη εμπειρια. Αψογη εξυπηρετηση.”

Joan MIchels - Switzerland Testimonial from: Services Evaluation Form

“Amazing experience. Friendly People. Best Prices. Great !!”

G. Bill - GB Testimonial from: Services Evaluation Form

“I´m satisfied. Awesome Car.”

Ursula Gerli - Norway Testimonial from: Services Evaluation Form

“Great car low price. Super service. ”

G. Kotso - Greece Testimonial from: Services Evaluation Form

“Απροβληματιστο αμαξι σε εξαιρετικη τιμη. Φανταστικο νησι. Το ευχαριστηθηκα. ”

Engels - England Testimonial from: Services Evaluation Form

“Awesome and uncomplicated stuff. Top Car . Top condition.”

Bobby - Germany Testimonial from: Services Evaluation Form

“Das beste Rental der Region. Habe ganz Kreta erforscht. Keine Probleme. Super Wagen. Kann nur weiterempfehlen.”

Harry  - GB Testimonial from: Services Evaluation Form


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